Small Business Digital Growth

3 In-Depth Digital Marketing
Tips for Small Businesses


  •  Business Website Optimizations
    • Tips to Successful Website
    • Design Tips
    • Choosing a Domain and Hosting
    • Business E-Mail Setup
    • Website Optimization
  • Using Local SEO
    • Google My Business Listing
    • Keyword Research
    • Responsive Design Elements
  • Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Adwords
    • Using Quora and LinkedIn to advantage
    • Increasing Digital Footprint

Starting on a digital strategy for your business?

Not enough page visits, backlinks, or sales?

These are the obstacles that every business starting there online journey face implementing their digital strategy.

Let’s dive into some techniques which you can easily execute to tackle these obstacles.

Website for a business


– Why have a Website, is it worth spending time in?

– Customise website according to business niche

– Optimize website for better Ranking and Customer Experience

According to a study , it is shown that 63% of the Indian Businesses are “invisible” online and doesn’t have a online presence.
Also Economic Times just released an article projecting the revenue of E-commerce market grow from 24 Billion Dollars in 2017 to 84 billion Dollars in 2021; That is more than 3X increase in 4 years.
Since 2015 many people have got awareness and in some or the other way tried to create an online face for their business. But in a competitive world dominated by giants in every niche and segment, how does a small business progress and gain customers?
It all starts with a website.
Internet Users in 2017 in India
The above study was the Internet Usage India for 2017 but now it is about 50%. The users are all time high, and they are browsing internet , consuming content finding niche passions and products.
So how do you grow business online in India? The are some points to keep in mind.

Tips to a successful Business Website

Have a clean website with proper layout, font, and colour scheme, you can always go for WordPress Themes , but make sure that the theme is not cluttered and is according to your business niche. Hire a website designer/developer if your are having difficulty as it is will be the FACE of your business in the online world. Users shouldn’t have to navigate much and get lost.

Always Have a Contact Page which contains email, phone, number and address. It would be a great add-on if you can add Google Maps which shows your physical Location. Here is the guide to  add Google Maps to your website.

Make your logo digital; Many a times, businesses use age-old pixelated photos of their logos. Upgrade, hire a designer and get it made digital, it wouldn’t cost more than Rs. 500-1000, but that investment will increase your credibility and show that you are up to date with the current trends. If you don’t know where to hire, you can check fiverr.

Put Call to Actions on every page; CTA or Call to actions are buttons, popups or just text which encourage user to achieve your set goal.
The set goal can be anything. Ex: You wanna add them to your mail list, Want them to check your products or contact you.

Choose a short, concise, to the point Domain; Always choose a domain that has your business name. You maybe excited to have domains ending with .site, .tv or .online or something else, but go for the TLD ( Top level Domains) like .com or .in as these domains increase authority and credibility. In my opinion try Google Domains as they are transparent with their prices with added trust of Google.

These are the parameters that a basic business website should have, but if you wanna go from basic to better to best designs with great UX, and CX ( Customer Experience ) which will convert visitors to paying customers. Reach out to us at [email protected] or Contact Us.


Website Optimization

You have a great website. A great domain name and an awesome logo.

But what good it would be if it takes 10 seconds to load your website.

Or what if the website isn’t responsive to mobiles and tablets, the buttons are small and the website goes out of the screen.

These are concerns that are a bit technical but quite important for your site. In short, anything that affects user experience is of utmost importance.

There are some easy fixes that you can do to improve the website.

Compress JPGs and PNGs; Most of the time images contain extra data that aren’t needed for display. Use online converters and compressors so that you get the optimum size.

Use a good hosting; The time in which your site loads has much to do with Hosting.Keep these things in mind when choosing one.

1. Uptime ( the time where you website is accessible ) should be above 99.9% for any hosting you choose. You can use Uptime to check if the website is live around the world.

2. Storage and Disk: Make sure you get SSD instead of disks as they are faster along-with at least 5 GB of storage.

3. Support Quality is another major factor; It can be via call or chat but  as many a times if  something goes wrong and you don’t have the developer with you can straightaway use their services.

4. Look into how many sites you can host and how many E-mail accounts you get, some Basic Plans just allow 1 Mail and 1 Website, it’s always good to go for a plan where you get Unlimited Mail and Website, keeping long term in mind.

There are various options in India like Hostinger, BlueHost or HostGator which are well known for there services.

You can check your website performance on PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix but remember you don’t have to achieve 100 score , 50-80 is the average that every site gets  ( for desktop ).

SSL certificate; It ensures that the data is protected when transmitted from client to your site and moreover is a Ranking Factor for Google. If your SSL certificate has expired or you can’t find free SSL, use Cloudflare.

There are quite many other techniques which involve taking advantage of servers, browsers, files etc but it is beyond the scope of this post. If have any queries or want to know more then Contact Us or send a mail to [email protected].

Growthly Pagespeed

Local SEO

– Start with Local SEO

– Why Google prefers Local Listing?

– How to rank your business in ” ______ near me ” queries

Local SEO

Local SEO is a powerful digital marketing strategy which can be used by businesses which are small and have local clients and products.

It helps your ranking and improve reach if your motive is to grow in your sector, district or city.

 Basic setups is required to start.

Google My Business

Google My Business ExampleLet’s begin by creating a listing of your site on Google My Business.

Google My business is the little box we see whenever someone searches
Restaurants in Noida” or
Shoe store near me” or
your business name in sector – 18″.

That little box contains the address, phone number , e-mail and website  ( that’s why we suggest having a site for local small businesses too) along with rating and comments.

This information is quite helpful.

No Page Ranking required in SERP; If you have a GMB ( Google My Business ) listing then even if you don’t have a rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ,your business will show in the GMB.

Users can see the testimonials at a glance; The ratings can build confidence in the user who is searching and can drive them to your business, make sure you convince your current customers to rate you.

Virtual Tour of your store; If you have a store , then a user can browse the photos and videos. You can go a step further and upload 360 degree photos.

Also there are some things to keep in mind.

Upload best videos and photos; If you are a restaurant, upload mouth watering dishes. If a photographer upload you best clicks, If a cloth store, your best designs. The point is everyone has something they can upload in form of videos or photos.

Use a business-email; doesn’t look professional whereas [email protected] or [email protected] increases trust and professionalism. Many people thing that G-Suite is the only way to get a business e-mail, but that’s not the case, here’s how you can have a business email using your hosting.


Keywords are the backbone of your SEO strategy, Keyword research aimed to target Local audience can increase ranking in SERP for location based queries.

There are some tips that you can include in your keyword research, for ex-

    1.  Adding locations in your keywords like “food joint in indore” , ” delhi based consultancy firm”, ” Properties in Rajnagar area”.
    2. Using targeted locations in keywords.
      ” Coaching classes in Bengaluru” is better than
      ” Coaching classes in Karnataka”
    3. Incorporating Long-tail keywords instead general and broader head terms can help when your website is small and hasn’t reached many people. Ex –
      Instead of  “Shoe store Noida” use “Leather shoe store in Noida” or “Ladies shoe store in Noida”.

Responsive Design

We have mentioned the term but it is such an importance that it is impossible not to list it as a criteria .
Almost 50% of the search queries are coming from mobile phones.
Most people do search-based queries when they are in a car or on a bike, and go to the top result that they see.
Responsive design is also is a Ranking factor for Google which all the more increases it’s importance.
Now being responsive doesn’t just mean that your website is visible in a nice format on phones but quite some factors like
    1.  Proper formatting including slide menus, big buttons with good distance between them.
    2.  Mobile data is comparatively slower to the broadband we use, hence page loading speed for mobile is also considered.
    3. Heading and Text often tend to mis-align and break the site on website, proper steps should be taken that the flow of the site is not broken.
Responsive Design

Marketing Business Online

– Marketing using different platforms

– Engaging with audience

– Increasing footprint of your business


Online Marketing

When business is young and just growing most of the recognition it gets is from WOM (Word of Mouth), stories and forums.

Here’s a list of methods that are best suited.

    1.  Social Media Marketing: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been great marketing tactics for small businesses.
      A targeted audience can be built on these platform which can be converted into customers. Some great examples are @andnothingelsebars and @amber.andnoah
    2. Using Newspaper sites: Sites like yourstory write articles about growing and unique businesses, take interviews and does case studies. Contact them about your business and you might have a cover story.
    3. Google Adwords: Believe it or not, Google Adwords is way cheap in India and have less to no competition also Google offers 2000 credits for free, that’s free advertising that every business should take advantage of and moreover spending Rs1000 a month to earn a potential of Rs.5000 doesn’t sound a bad deal.
    4. Start a Blog: Review products in your industry, build How-to articles and publish guides because when people want to buy a product. They research, Ex-
      If you have a salon you can write blogs on
      the best hairstyles of 2020” or
      20 every salon must have
      Use tools like BuzzSumo and UberSuggest to get Content and Keyword Ideas.
    5. Quora: Answer queries related to questions about your niche on quora. It is a platform where knowledge is shared and more the value an answer provides the more it is your reach and trust.
    6.  Commenting: Replying to comments on your site or blog or GMB reviews is a good engagement process which shows that you actually care for customers and are there to help in the queries.
      You can also visit pages of competitors in your niche and put your view there or address some questions but remember NOT to be spammy. Meaningful engagement can help grow your channel or page.
    7. List in Websites of your Niche: In the beginning try to make a page on every site related to your business so that, every visitor is able to search for your business on any site. LinkedIn, QuickCompany and Clutch are some examples.
    8. LinkedIn : It is a platform used by professionals, you can find absolute masters in their niche here posting regular content, learn and comment as defined before, it has a potential to attract audience.
Online Marketing
These were everything a small business requires to grow online. If you want in-depth knowledge or want to know more about how we do things , Contact Us or drop in an e-mail to [email protected], we promise to add something of value to your business.
How are you gonna grow your business?