Business Ideas in Lockdown

10 Proven Business Ideas in Lockdown

Today, every business is going through a hard time. Be it online, offline, yours, theirs, everyone is facing cash crunch and revenue is dropping down the well.
Although some businesses are strapped in and have no way to function until this crisis passes, others can adapt and meet the new rising demands.

Many small businesses in lockdown have started manufacturing PPE kits, masks, sanitizers. Even giant companies such as US Polo and Allen Solly are entering the market of masks. This shows that although this crisis closed many shutters it also brought some opportunity from Business Perspective. Let’s dive into it straightaway.

1. Home Cooked Food

“Vocal for local” is on the rise and people are approaching local, trusted people for their needs where earlier they relied on food delivery apps and restaurants. Further, restrictions on traveling and transport leaves no options other than local businesses. Local Market for home cooked food, sweets, cakes and many other items.

Even if an individual starts serving just their block, colony or township, there would be huge gains. Also “Word of Mouth” plays a huge role along with other marketing techniques for local businesses in lockdown.

2. Cloth Masks

For people who sewed and did alteration work, making masks can turn out to be a huge success. People are considering masks as a part of their dress and hence instead of something conventional such as medical masks they want to customize them according to their personality, liking and fashion. Also there is a huge gap in Demand and Supply, so one can definitely go for this.

3. Online Coaching

Three words, “Schools are closed“. As much as this makes every child happy, the truth is parents are trying to provide the same quality of education which they received in schools. And generally, conventional teachers/professors are failing to provide good online education and the value of fees is too high to pay just for online tutoring. This results in an excellent business idea for lockdown in  India. Online tuition is the where parents are inclined to and are approaching college people or regular tuition people for online sessions. 

Also Digital Teaching is not limited to Subjects; Art, Karate, Fitness, Guitar lessons and every other training which was delivered physically before is taking place online.
A whole business can be made around Digital Teaching under these circumstances.

4. Website Creation

If brick and mortar shops are shut then there is only one place where the consumer will fetch their needs i.e E-Commerce. It is evident that before the lockdown there were businesses who didn’t even have a Google My Business Account but now are building their websites and selling through online shop. To build and maintain such sites, professionals are required and if you are a person who is related to IT sector or has interest in programming and tech, this is a huge opportunity with no investment, just your knowledge and creativity.

5. Digital Marketing

Where businesses where slowly transitioning towards modern methods of marketing, this crisis gave that transition a huge boost. The market for Digital Marketing has Exploded as people are selling their products online and hence they are trying to reach their potential customers online.

On the other hand if your are a business owner who doesn’t know what are the perks of Digital Marketing, do give this article a read to get you started.

6. Freelancing

Applying your knowledge and experience towards a project for a business/person on a contractual basis maybe termed as Freelancing. TLDR; Tap into your professional network and startups and pitch them your services, maybe they were looking for someone like you, they can hire you or refer you to someone else. Either way freelancing is a good both ways as a career and as a side business.

7. Becoming a Creator

Did you always had the creator bug inside you. Wanted to start your page/channel/podcast? Now is the best time to start it. While working from home people are spending more time on social media platforms and hence to increase your presence and reach among these people. Podcast is relatively new in India and if you are good at speaking then you turning your hobby into business will be easy.


8. Reselling

Buying product from supplier and then selling that in your connections is the job of a resller. Apps like Meesho are a great perform if you have a good size network then you can leverage that and obtain profits whereas your customers can choose from variety of products such as Fashion, appliances, decor and many more.

9. Dropshipping

One of the businesses which is almost unaffected in lockdown. Dropshipping follows the same principle of reselling but instead the item can be from overseas too and you have an even larger variety to choose from. Some sites like AliExpress provides the products and Shopify is a huge platform which is favorite among dropshippers.

These business ideas may seem technical bu tonce you get into it they are quite doable and have good profit margins.

10. E-Commerce Store

Do you make good glass art?
Or a great painting?
Or clay figurines?

Whatever be that you liked making can be sold online with proper tools and by reaching proper audience. As we said earlier that more and more people are joining digital platforms. This idea might take some time but in the long run it can be made into full fledged business.

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